Fitness Tracker

If you want to track your fitness training goals, download Fitness Goals Tracker with Body Fat Calculator app - one of the best fitness goal tracking app today, absolutely free. Our fitness goals timeline app comes with a built-in body fat percentage calculator, allowing you to set your workout training goals and track them regularly so you can track and monitor your progress. Not only that, the app can also measure your body fat percentage and workouts so you can also keep track of your BMI index.

Our fitness tracking app is available for all health enthusiasts who want to periodically track and monitor their fitness, workout and training goals. The Fitness Goal Tracking app accurately measures your set workout goals and displays a progressive timeline based on achieving your goal.

In addition to this, the fitness workout goal tracking app allows you to take photos during specific goal achievement milestones and has the option to prepare a slideshow showing the progress of the recovery target form with the uploaded images. The app tracks fitness goals and measures body fat percentage using various assessment methods and displays accurate results.

Application features:

  • Set fitness and workout training goals for specific periods of time as needed
  • The app tracks various fitness goals such as LBS, weight loss, and body fat percentage
  • Measure progress in achieving goals
  • Take a picture of your training plan and upload it by each milestone
  • Ability to design slideshows that outline the various steps to achieve your goals
  • Equipped with various evaluation and assessment methods
  • View your fitness goal progress history and timeline and share it on social media
  • Free download with attractive graphics and intuitive interface

So, are you ready to keep up with your fitness goals and workout routines? If so, download our Fitness Goals Tracker with Body Fat Calculator app today and track your fitness goals, body fat percentage, weight loss, and more with one click.