Since the beginning of human civilizations, we have been using multiple clues, landmarks, and a line of sight to recognize the place and path that we travel. Eventually, the explorers discovered coherent celestial bodies that could help with orientation. Over the past few centuries, many special tools have been developed to facilitate location calculations.

With the invention of the Global Positioning System (GPS) over the last few decades, you can quickly and accurately determine your exact position in the world. Combining an accessible interface with the latest point of interest (POI) information available, the tool provides useful details and photos of your locality. This is the main feature of the What’s Near Me app!!

Nearby places app can quickly identify your current location and allow you to search for the nearest places by useful keywords such as ATM, banks, schools, post offices, hospitals, airports, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

Search results are displayed based on the current GPS position within the selected search range. View nearby roads, businesses, institutions, and public facilities, and continuously update distance and direction information to the nearest or selected location.

Here are some features of the app:

  • View detailed information such as location name, address, open or close status, maps and user reviews.
  • Faster and more accurate result
  • Automatically locates the user’s current location
  • Displays a simple and easy to navigate route map
  • 20+ Main Categories
  • Find nearby restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, banks, etc.
  • Get directions for searched locations along with phone numbers
  • Free to download

The Nearby app offers a wide range of service categories and once it has identified your location it gives you a list of all the places that are close to you from the selected category.

The Nearby app gives you an overview of the surrounding streets and their relative connections to your current location. The tools provided by Near Places Explorer make independent travel effective, informative and entertaining. Knowing your surroundings allows you to explore, discover and enjoy your neighbourhood and beyond with confidence and assurance.


Our app uses Google Maps™ and Places API to find and plot the nearby searched locations and hence the data shown in the app is completely dependent on the accuracy of the data provided by the Google Maps™.